BreakAway - March Madness Workouts (4 Weeks)

March Madness Clinics will be the only time where students can train with us in a small group setting. We pride ourselves in always having a 6:1 ratio of player to coach. However this month only we will have a 4:1 ratio of player to coach. These workouts are offered for 3rd-12th grade. These are for the player who is ready to take their mental and physical game to another level.

These workouts will be high intensity and fast paced. They will show our players how to maximize our minutes in the gym to make sure they are GETTING BETTER. We will treat the middle school players like high school players and the high school players like college players. I recommend that the parents stay and watch their child through these workouts if possible. I can guarantee that you will be amazed on what your child accomplishes and overcomes during this class. The hour class will be structured the following way:

  • 15 minutes- Single and 2 Ball Heavy Ballhandling Work
  • 15 minutes- Live Heavy Ball Finishes (5 different finishes from different angles)
  • 30 minutes- Game Situation Shooting (Off the catch, Off the dribble, Motion reads, Out of Jab, Out of a Shot Fake)

In the months April-October our normal monthly training clinics are 1hr 15 minutes for 3rd-8th grade and HS clinics are 1 hr 30 minutes. All our regular clinics will have 15 minutes of game play after we first put in that hour of work. The kids just completed a season so I guarantee they played a lot of games. In March it’s about getting back to work!

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